Who are we

A small specialist company with bases in the North West of England, Germany and Norway. We are delivering some of the most advanced medical AV integrations projects on the face of the planet.

We have been working for clients across Europe for the last 6 years. You are welcome to browse some of our projects in the case study section.

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Whilst being small and dynamic, the key to our business is adhering to some serious rules and regulations. After all, everyone has the right to the best possible care. And this can only be delivered by people taking their jobs seriously.

What we love doing

“Being Challenged”

We like to be challenged to deliver something new, not done before, or seemingly impossible, to work for you – exactly as you need it.

“Doing Things Different”

And as everything in life is ever-changing; we will always work with you to overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of reaching your desired end result.

Being certified does not mean to be rigid in how we work, it means being thorough on how we document things. All our processes and procedures are geared towards delivering exactly what you want in the most adaptable “agile” way.

What we do best

“ Listen ”

We think that the foundation of all our jobs is you – the customer.

Therefore we make sure we listen to what YOU want.

Talk to us, we value human interaction; it is the cause of all achievement in the modern world.

What are our plans

We have serious expansion plans. With public and private funding secured, we are actively recruiting new staff, for even more brainpower. We have purchased a wonderful new HQ to house all that grey matter. We are looking forward to collaborations and projects taking us to new countries and uncharted territories.

You will find details on our team in the contacts pages.

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