Medical AV System Integration is our passion, core business & focal point

No challenge to tall but no job too small.

We thrive on solving complex issues to deliver results, optimising your workflow; custom tailor solutions to enhance your experience or simply find a solution for those bugs that have been perturbing you.

We do not merely look at a single Operating Theatre or specialist surgical procedure. Instead, we look to embrace the many processes of hospital operation with you at the centre and patient safety our paramount.

We can deliver turnkey solutions including lights, central axis, monitor arms, ceiling supply units and all necessary equipment from simple lead to LED wall – or simply make sure that your video signal is displayed on the monitor you need, in the highest quality and the lowest latency possible.

Above all, we have unrivalled experience in delivering integrations in a wide range of vast and varied environments. No Hospital is alike, no surgeon is alike, and no patient is alike, so why should medical AV systems be alike.

Talk to us about your needs, your desires and big ideas; we will modify a solution that is not only fit for purpose, but one that is best in class and cost efficient. We will ensure that you are future-proof and ready for the challenges in an ever-changing environment in medical audio / video technology.

We can surprise you; show you how little cable is necessary and how good installations can look. Thorough workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and infection control go hand in hand, whilst reliability is paramount in choice of components; our specialist knowledge ensures compliance with patient and electrical safety in the OR. We use highest grade professional equipment only and will give you 3 years warranty on all parts and workmanship.

We are certified, registered, member, approved and fulfil generally all relevant criteria.

Life is short; we won’t discuss technicalities here, there is a time and place for these further down the line. Rest assured, you are in safe hands!

Please browse through our sections to see how we can help you address your needs and develop your ideas.

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