It is all about communication

With ever increasing presence of computers in the OR and audio visual field, the growing challenge is to make different systems talk to each other.

Systems come with different operating platforms/ systems and use different physical interfaces and protocols for communicating.

We have vast experience in room control and third party device integration into the theatre systems. So whether it’s a light you wish to control via your smart phone, an operating table, get feedback data from medical devices, control the movements of a camera, or take snapshots on your recording system by using the endoscope buttons, we will make it work.

More recently, the majority of devices have a control port, or interface and if it is naturally controllable, we will integrate it. However, not having a natural interface doesn’t mean we can’t. If there is a will and a clear benefit against the costs associated, there is a way. The use of external controllers, mechanical devices, relays, switches, or whatever is necessary – we will explore all options together with you.

This is not where our programming prowess ends. We can deliver large server based image storage media asset management systems, DICOM Servers and integrate them with a wide variety of Hospital systems.

We have a track record in AD back-integration so hospital staff can use existing smart cards or user ID with new equipment. Automated authentication gateway, custom windows applications, whatever you need or whatever is necessary, we will find or custom code the right solution.

Our programming team develops software according to the Agile manifesto; dynamically customer and solution orientated, whilst adhering to strict standards.

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