Challenge us! We enjoy nothing more.

Our natural curiosity and affinity to everything that is tech and new, drives us to be continually researching and developing new ideas. Most often this comes in the form of addressing an issue or developing a desired functionality for clients, but sometimes we just want to know if we can do it. And since we don’t take no for an answer, often the results can be surprisingly simple, refreshingly different but most of all, consistently working.

As part of our current drive into expansion, we are establishing a new R&D facility within our new Headquarters. This will be as focused on being a “high end geek playground” as much as a place where we can quickly re-create environments, while simulating situations to develop custom solutions. Products and programmes can be developed, tested and proven offsite before deployment. This will ensure minimal interruptions to your day to day operations, whilst getting the finest results.

So whilst our geeks enjoy all their high tech toys, you will benefit from us continually pushing boundaries.

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