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Kunnskapssenteret, Trondheim Norway

In 2013 we integrated this wonderful Interactive LED wall (right) on behalf of Sony Nordic and St Olav Hospital. Place your mouse over the picture to view the 360degree panorama.

The wall is 8 meters high and has an auto stereoscopic user interaction section. It allows visitors to explore the human body avatars on the 3D screens with motion gestures. The body can be explored in different layers i.e. nervous system, skeletal view, blood circulation, or in an interactive “look under the skin”. Additionally, users can select video clips to be played on the main wall and explore educational videos about the variety of hospital services.

The wall is often used for the display of video and interactive art works and can show live feeds from adjacent lecture theatres. It is also set up for presentations and it can connect live in high definition over fibre networks to 54 operating theatres.

A true jewel in the crown for Trondheim’s NTNU/St Olavs “knowledge centre”.