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Mirai Clinic Ottwock

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful private Orthopedic specialist centres around. IT may be small, but it makes up in beauty, technology and competency.

The initial fit out phase started just before the start of the Pandemic in 2020 and the works had to be halted several times, due to travel / work restrictions and lock downs.

Big credit has to go to all the teams and contractors who were a part in this project to bring it across the line, despite all the odds to deliver such a magnificent project.

A hospital that raises the bar for private Orthopaedic Care and Sportsmedicine.

Well done everyone involved, we are proud to have been able to play our small part.

The Brief

Project details

   2 Fully Integrated 4K ORs
   1 Lecture Theatre with Bi-Directional 4K comms, conferencing and remote teaching capabilities

  • Date : June 2020
  • Client : Arthrex GmbH
  • Category : New Built
  • Online : miraiclinic.pl