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Royal Papworth

A challenging project delivered at the last minute.

Originally the Hospital planners did not permit for the integration of the operating theatres and it was included at a very late stage of the build. We had to deliver the project over an extremely short period of time, and custom build wall units which integrated all the technology into the operating theatre, seamlessly fitting into the room’s fabric.

The images talk for themselves and the user feedback was overwhelming.

Our primary aim of delivering a better working environment was encapsulated by the very pleasing to hear sentence from a scrub nurse: “Wow, with this system we can see what is happening in the surgical field all the time, we don’t have to try and look over the surgeons shoulders or shout at each other”

With a multitude of such seemingly small improvements integrated operating theatres help optimise the workflow and ultimately make patient carse safer.

Incidentally our first operating theatres to be opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The theatre team at Royal Papworth Hospital was featured in series three of 'Surgeons: At the Edge of Life' on BBC Two in October 2020.

The Brief

Project details

   Full 4K Fibre optic Backbone on Barco Nexxis System.
   5 Integrated Operating Theatres
   2 Hybrid Theatres
   2 Bronchoscopy Suites
   7 Interventional Radiology suites
   Fibre links to 4 lecture/MDT rooms
   Central recording
   Recent upgrade to device independent web RCT communications from operating theatres across hospital network.

  • Date : 05-2019
  • Client : Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust
  • Category : New Built
  • Online : royalpapworth.nhs.uk