Our Portfolio

Rikshospitalet / OUS, Oslo

If there was a mother of all projects, this one must be the big daddy.

In the summer of 2014 we won Europe’s largest single supplier framework for Europe’s biggest Hospital Oslo Universitaets Sykehus, outperforming all the industry stalwarts. This presented another milestone in the companies development. Not only would we deliver our first fully fibre optic backbone video over IP system at OUS, we would go on to install the world’s first 4K integrated OR at Rikshospitalet’s OR10.

From the amazingly complex integration of one of Europe’s most modern and first Raptor style Hybrid ORs with interventional CT, to the ORs at the Legevakt’s / Days Surgery centre, to the emergency theatres at Ulleval Sykehus.

The work with OUS spans a great width and breadth of operating theatre integration and the teams at OUS are always looking for new challenges and continual improvement based on constant user feedback.

The collaboration with OUS has been game changing for us. It has spurned us to grow and innovate, staying at the forefront of the cutting edge.

And it is very reassuring, that after delivering our first ORs at Rikshospitalet in 2008 for Sony, we are still welcome guests at the Rikshospitalets Medtek Departments longstanding tradition of Polser Fredag, a whole 13 years later.

The Brief

Riks Hospitalet

Wing 1-3
   26 integrated Operating Theatres of wide ranging specifications

Ulleval Sykehus

   3 Emergency Theatres
   1 Neuro Suite
   1 Smitte Stue

Oslo Legevakt

   4 Daysurgery Theatres


   2 Hybrid CT Interventional Theatres & Seminar Room