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Santaros University Hospital, Vilnius

Our long standing relationship with Santaros Hospital must be credited to our fantastic partners from Salmeda UAB in Vilnius. It was in partnership with them and Sony that saw us first integrating theatres, auditoria and seminar rooms for teaching locally and remotely.

Upgrading and adding to the existing system in 2019 and 2020 had a very strong focus on remote connectivity, allowing the hospital to take a leading role in educating surgical teams in Belarus, hosting three way conferences from the Operating theatre to local lecture theatres and remote sites. Even before the pandemic struck, Santaros was pioneering the use of teams and skype as part of integrated theatre systems to allow remote teaching for facilities that do not benefit from video conferencing equipment. Surgeons can share video live from the OR to the meeting room, lecturers and moderators in the local seminar room can lead sessions with remote sites, who can see live video from the OR, presentations and live video from the seminar room and talk to all remote parties, truly interactive teaching experience.

This early move allowed Santaros easily adopt to online live teaching from operating theatres for students when the first lockdown came about.

Shortlisted for best medical integration project at the InAvate awards 2021.

The Brief

Project details

   Full 4K Fibre optic Backbone on Barco Nexxis System.
   6 + 4 + 2 Integrated Operating Theatres with multipoint transmission capabilities to
   10 Seminar Rooms, 2 large Auditoria
   Teams, Skype, Webex and VC remote teaching integration

  • Date : 2009/2019/2020
  • Client : Santaros Klinikos
  • Category : Refurb / New Built
  • Online : santa.lt