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St. Olavs Sykehus, Trondheim

The mother of all integration projects. Over a period of 5 years from November 2008 until 2013 we delivered a truly stunning project on behalf of Sony Medical Norge in conjunction with Telenor and Caverion For St. Olavs Sykehus and Helsebygg.

A brand new built hospital campus with speciality centres in their own buildings for Neuro, Eye Clinic, Women and Children, Orthopaedics, Heart and Lung, Gastro, laparoscopic training and research and a wonderful university knowledge centre at the heart of the campus.

Successful trials of new technology at the future operating theatres and the norwegian thirst for being first movers in technology adoption brought about a project as big in size as in its vision.

Each centres operating theatres were integrated to a hitherto not seen standard across anywhere in Europe, all linking to the central building the NTNU knowledge centre, allowing Surgeons and students to bring together live links from the all the operating theatres on the campus in two large auditoria, 4 lecture suites and an over 8-metre-high interactive video wall with autostereoscopic motion-controlled interactive content.

Future technology, Teaching, Surgery, Research, and visitor attraction all combined in a truly unique project.

A once in a lifetime project for technical complexity, vision and for which we are grateful to have been a part of, and for this Trondheim is and will remain always a part of us.

No wonder this project beat the competition hands down for the InAvate Award for best medical integration project in 2013.

The Brief

Kvinne og Barn - Women and Childrens Centre

   8 integrated ORs

Nevro Senter - Neuro Surgery

   4 Integrated Ors

Oye Senter

   6 Eye Clinic ORs

Bevegelse Senter – Orthopaedics

   7 Operating theatres

   1 OR of the Future

   1 meeting Room, Edit Suite

Hjerte og Lunge Senteret

   5 Super advanced Heart and Lung Thorax suites

   3 Emergency Theatres

   1 General OR

   1 Future OR Hybrid Theatre

   2 Meeting Rooms

Gastro Senteret

   5 Integrated ORs

   1 OR of the Future

   2 Robotic Suites

   6 Endoscopic Examination Rooms

   2 3D training suites


   Nasjonal Kompetansetjeneste for Avansert Laparoskopisk Kirurgi.

   National Competency Centre for Laparoscopic Surgery

   Advanced Training centre with 10 Endoscopic training stations and 10 endoscopic simulators with live link capability, video conferencing for remote training

   Integration to animal OR and research Lab and direct link over fiber optics to the Gastro senter main ORs.

Kunnskap Senteret – Knowledge Centre

   Fiber optic links to all 50 operating theatres on campus for live links, teaching in two 300 seater lecture theatres, 4 advanced training suites, a huge interactive video wall.

  • Date : 05-2019
  • Client : Sony Medical Norway
  • Category : New Built
  • Online : stolav.no